Dental Implants

What is the meaning of dental implant?

A dental implant is a manmade replacement in place of the natural teeth which enables a person to have fixed teeth. Dental implants are different from transplants taken from others. What category of dental transplant is suitable for a patient depends on the individual need and condition of the teeth. An x-ray is required to check the number of bones remaining; space available in the mouth .The implantologist does a examination before finalizing which type of implant should be done.

Who are the candidates for dental implant?

People who are missing teeth may it be one or all are candidates for an implant. If a person is missing 1 or few teeth then dental implants along with a crown /bridge can be used to replace the missing teeth and these manmade teeth function as good as natural teeth and there is no further loss of bones and decay .If a person is missing all teeth then implant is used to anchor loose denture. In some cases when bones are lost; bones can be regenerated with the technique of bone expansion which further helps in implants.

How much does an implant cost?

The cost can be determined after thorough examination and recording of individual case. Moreover personnel skill of the implantologist, location of the clinic and individual requirement determine the cost of an implant.

Are there any chances of rejection?

The body can reject soft tissue transplants i.e. kidney, lung, heart transplant but there is no rejection to dental implant by the body. There are chances of failure because of factors such as lack of focus on implant/some other condition, misalignment or diseases the patient suffers from. Dental implants use titanium material that is bio compatible i.e. it is compatible with the tissues of the body. Titanium is widely used now days to replace parts of the body.Contact our implantologist in velachery or tharamani for more detials.

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