Orthodontic Treatment

What is the meaning of orthodontics?

It is a specialized branch of dentistry that focuses on prevention as well as treatment of misalignment of teeth and facial irregularities/abnormalities.

Who are orthodontists?

The dentist who specializes in the process of orthodontics is called orthodontists. They are specially qualified and do extensive 3 year of specialized study in orthodontic program.

Who are the candidates of orthodontic treatment?

One who has got misaligned teeth, crowded teeth, buck teeth, overlapping of teeth and gap between the teeth are the candidates of orthodontic treatment.

What does the orthodontist do?

Normally the irregularity of the teeth is corrected by putting braces.

Why teeth become irregular?

There is misalignment of teeth because of thumb sucking, small jaw, incompetent lips, bad tongue and lip habits, nail biting, injury etc.

What are the advantages of orthodontics?

Orthodontics can change the teeth as well as the whole facial structure. BY aligning teeth one gets the correct functioning of the jaw and a n attractive smile. Teeth can be cleaned easily and the chances of gum diseases are reduced moreover orthodontic treatment enhances the self confidence of an individual.

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What types of braces are available?

There are 3 type of braces i.e. metallic, ceramic and invisalign. Metal braces are conventional and most commonly used. Ceramic are very popular with adults as they look good and match with the teeth color. Invisalign are invisible and can also be removed. They are very comfortable as there is no use of metal brackets and wires.

Ceramic Braces
  • AESTHETIC and Cosmetic appeal.
  • Ceramic braces do not stain and are strong.
  • MORE comfortable than metal and causes less irritation to gums.
Invisalign Braces
  • They are clear and virtually invisible.
  • Smooth comfortable plastic aligners.
  • Aligners are removable for easy cleaning, so there’s no dietary restrictions
Metallic Braces
  • Least Expensive.
  • Strong and rarely breaks
  • Treatment time is shortest.
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